Tuesday, November 1, 2011 Saint Nicholas Parish Church

North Walsham church is a wonderful building with a rich history and a spooky place to hang out after dark on Halloween! We did not stay long so no real experiences to speak of unfortunately. The old parish chest made my Android EMF detector register very high readings even though I could find no electrical devices or wiring anywhere near it. I know iron will produce natural EMF but how much? More research into this and the history of the chest is needed...

After some Googling and discussion I have come to the conclusion that unmagnetised iron should not produce EMF as high as I could read off the chest. Of course cold iron is supposed to repel spirits but why would it give off such high EMF? Perhaps iron has some characteristics that have lead to these folk tales; could it be that iron some how absorbs and contains spirit energy which is why it was considered to ward off evil entities?
Maybe this old parish chest is protecting the church from the effects of hauntings and this is why no ghost stories or reported paranormal events concerning the church exist, despite it's turbulent history?


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