Wednesday, November 2, 2011 Bacton Wood: A Brief Investigation

So after researching the history of Bacton Wood I decided to head to Gibbet Piece after dark and see if I could experience anything.

The sun was setting as I headed out from the picnic area down the old cart road. I took a few photos along the way and used Google Maps for Android to point myself in the right direction.

Once I reached the dense woodland near Gibbet Piece I headed off the path into the pine trees. I wandered into the middle of the area and sat down to take a few pictures. Funnily enough my first picture contained an "orb," but the following picture showed the "orb" to have moved in the breeze, just as dust would.
I debunked this as being merely a spooky coincidence.

Left to right: first shot of dense pine area showing "orb", second photo showing how dust "orb" moved in the breeze, third photo showing how dark this area was.

After sitting for a while I headed back to the path and a little further down to Gibbet Piece itself. I veered off from the path again heading deeper into the overgrown brush to the area that was once home to "Bloody" Will Suffolk's gibbeted corpse. As I ventured further into the dark an owl screeched very close to me, needless to say I was getting pretty spooked!
I stopped and pulled out my phone to record some audio. I settled in and recorded audio for roughly 2 minutes.

I peered into the dwindling light and I was sure I saw movement. A black shape moved between the trees before me and the birds chose this moment to fly noisily from the trees above. I must be honest and say I freaked out at this point. I backed up at some speed taking a few more photos as I made my way toward the path and the comfort of my girlfriend (who had, being a sensible lady, refused to follow me into the dark.)

Another strange coincidence had occurred; the digital recording application on my phone failed at the exact moment I saw the shadow figure. (Note: while I already suspected this was coincidence I have since been able to replicate this error under normal circumstances, so I can confirm it was not paranormal influence.) As I headed back out of the wood I took several photos of the path behind me, capturing more "orbs" that I would again debunk as dust.

Left to right: the "orb" that seemed to be following me, the same dust "orb" having been blown to the left, my android audio software failing.

While I do not feel I captured evidence of any significance this experience showed me how the coincidences can really pile up; seeing dust "orbs" on my camera screen while I feel something following me, my audio recorder failing at the exact moment I think I see a shadow figure and the birds nosily fleeing at suitably spooky moments...
It is easy to see how all these factors could be used to support the fact that I had encountered the paranormal. Personally I feel that I probably just spooked myself and happened to produce enough coincidental evidence to make for a creepy blog post...


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