Paranormal for Norfolk is a blog about Norfolk legends, ghosts and the topic of paranormal investigation in general.

I consider myself a sceptical believer in that I believe in the paranormal to a certain extent but disagree with many of the theories and techniques used in the field. I do use alot of the terminology introduced my modern paranormal investigation but often with a different context or meaning attributed to it.

It is clear that ghost hunting is a long established tradition, with spooky stories and legends sparking the imagination of human beings for thousands of years. Many people with no interest in the parnormal, highly educated people in respected positions within society have, throughout the course of human history, documented countless encounters they can not explain. So many of these encounters are so very similar in nature; reported over hundreds of years by people with no connections to or prior knowledge of these events. We can not ignore the fact that something is going on beyond our understanding. 

The important question in modern day paranormal investigation is not so much if ghosts do excist physically but why do they excist in minds of so many? Why do so many people see and hear the same things in certain locations? Why do we experience such strong effects on our bodies and minds when investigating these locations? Are certain areas producing just the right collection of factors to enduce a "haunting" or other paranormal phenomina?

I have yet to have a defining experience that allows me to say I believe in intelligent beings just beyond our perception but like everyone else I can safely say I have been spooked many times in my life so far by things I just can not explain...