Wednesday, February 1, 2012 Norfolk Ghosts DVD Review

So after being post-dead for a while I figure I should bring this blog back from the grave (PUNS) by reviewing a DVD I just watched, hurah!

Norfolk Ghosts is a part of a super low budget documentary series by Richard Felix. The DVD is pretty bad, but is the only one I have seen delivering Norfolk specific ghost stories. The editing, sound engineering and effects are terrible, a real "windows movie maker" job but some of the content is fairly interesting although it gives very little new information to any one who is familiar with Norfolk legends and ghosts.

Much of the information is delivered as absolute fact with no references to the historical basis of how these stories came into being. Richard also fails to offer some of the alternate theories behind some of these ghosts such as the hysteria spread by smugglers. There is a lot of embellishment and exaggeration delivered with nary a "could," "maybe," or "possibly."

Many of the more interesting stories from out fair county were barley mentioned or missed completely. The main thing I took away from this DVD was the sound knowledge that I could and should make a better one...


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